Thursday, February 4

Knitting (very, very simple knitting)

First, here are the crocheted wristwarmers I made using Twilley's yarn from my small but select stash... I used Attic24's own wee bobble trim pattern too and finished them off with tassels at the wrists, for no particular reason except I was enjoying myself. They are fine and thick but non-clingy.
and here are my just-finished ribbed ones made from stripes of five different leftover lengths of my handspun yarns. Much closer fit, obviously, and a little bit longer. The stripes even match. Genius, eh?
Now, just in case you are interested, I am selling my hardback copy of Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knitting Workshop. There are some 'new' copies on ebay for £29, if you like. Or you could have mine, with a name label stuck on the inside cover but otherwise in very good condition, for a mere £18, including postage.
Her book has lots of clever stuff in it - shapings, colour pattern knitting, shawls, rorshach sweater, surprise jacket, tomten jacket, i-cord...ach, there's masses in it. Shout if you'd like it.
We're having a Valentine's Day Woolgathering - all pink hearts and chocolate - no, well, maybe not, but lots of yarn and pattern talk, idea swapping and a little selling maybe, good chatter and always lots of laughs. Everyone's welcome - the more there are, the warmer we'll be!


Helen said...

I'm shouting, I'm shouting .... can you hear me from this far away? If it's not already gone I'd love it :-)

Ash said...

The book is yours, and I'm delighted it's off to a good home!

xx L

Anne said...

Oh bother - Helen beat me to it!! I like your wristwarmers! Looking forward to the Woolgathering. Do you have a stall at Woolfish at the end of the month?

Ash said...

Yup, she was extremely speedy!
Anne, when is our well-travelled friend back from Cyprus?

Karen said...

Love your colorful wristwarmers! I have the book and can highly recommend it!