Tuesday, August 18

I Can't Sing a Rainbow!

But I can spin one!
I've been pedalling away whenever I get the chance, in between less creative chores, and feel happier to have some stock made in time for the forthcoming Open Studios event and November's Woolfish Festival. I've been experimenting further with needlefelting too, though nothing that will ever come close to the excellence of Gretel's menagerie!
I feel I should be reporting on lots of other creativity but the reality has been huge piles of bedlinen to iron for the cottage, form filling for more online 'presence' for said cottage and for the new website being built for Crossing Borders, and picking a steady stream of courgettes!
Fast approaching is the annual Southdean Show SATURDAY 22nd AUGUST where we will be Hurling a Haggis (no animals will be hurt, only surgical tubing filled with cooked rice!), making puppets, eating pancakes and trying to win dodgy bottles on the tombola - and I'm on duty in the tea tent this year. Ah, the rustic life....


Anonymous said...

Lovely rainbow - much brighter than the one we could see while eating breakfast this morning!

tlc illustration said...

What luscious colors! You certainly can spin one. (Hasn't it been fun to watch Gretel's felting efforts just continue to expand and fairly explode with awesomeness?)

Hurling haggis! heh!