Sunday, January 25


Blimey, soon be February... This afternoon the sun is shining and maybe I should be outside, and then again maybe I should be updating this blog and keeping warm near the stove. I've been spinning for a good chunk of the day in order to boost my stock of handspun hanks for the next Woolfish Festival. Yup, I'm taking a stall at Louise's next celebration of all things woolly in St Abbs on March 7th, and really looking forward to it. More yarn to dye and other goodies to create and package up.

It's always great to catch up with textile-minded folks and meet new people. The Woolgathering last weekend was good fun and we had two new faces joining us, which was even better. My lemon cake and cheese scones got munched up as we stitched away, and it was fascinating to see what everyone is making and what nice books/patterns/yarns they got for Christmas. Janice brought along some of her stash to sell - other people's stuff is ALWAYS more interesting!

The picture shows Janet knitting, Tricia quilting, Ali doing a mini-rug and Anke admiring someone's patterns as a rest from her knitting. I was spinning and most others were knitting. There were two examples of the gloriously dyed yarns from Helen at DropOne, one of which I dutifully helped Liz wind into a ball so she could get started. Anne was just casting on the socks that you can see on her brand new blog - Frayed at the Edge.

In other news, as they say, the cottage works trundle on. More paint on walls, living room floor getting cleaned up as Hugh is going to lay laminate flooring down. We did envisage ceramic tiles but it's a big area and this will be quicker and give a warmer result. Electrician was out to discuss the fitting of a hard wired smoke detector system and a new extractor fan in the bathroom. Pretty exciting stuff, eh?

I did finish the patchwork loose cover for the armchair - you wouldn't miss it in a hurry, would you?!


Helen said...

LOVE the armchair! It looks so comfy. I do miss everyone at woolgathering. Hopefully I'll see you all at Woolfest :-)

Anne said...

I love the armchair! Thanks for mentioning my blog - I hope some of your readers will come and visit 'frayed'.