Monday, September 22

Ice Cream

I am going to tell you more about how the Art Trail went, and then about our wee break in Dumfries and Galloway, but not today.

Because today I need to broadcast about the forthcoming
On Saturday 27th from 2pm, the local village hall is transformed into
The Southdean Ice Cream Parlour
Sit down to a choice of delicious homemade ice cream dishes,
coffee and shortbread and more,
all served by those delightful men in kilts.
Yup, it's time once again to raise money for
and what better way to do it than by tucking into ice cream?


Helen said...

Oh how I wish I could come .... will ice cream survive a royal mail trip?

Ash said...

Hmmm, suspect that our own postie would see that it DIDN't get that far, in fact maybe no further than his van. He may even request a spoon and extra chocolate sauce...!
Must must must remember to take pics at the event, for posterity and entertainment. Where are you when I need you with your camera, Helen?!!