Sunday, May 25

Making yarn while the sun shines

Well, someone's got to do it, and to be honest it makes a lovely change from the endless stings (nettles) and scratches (hawthorns, wild roses, wire netting, puppy teeth) encountered elsewhere in the garden. So I've managed to sit outside and make rolags and then spin up about a bobbin's worth of singles yarn so far. Another one to do and they can be plied together. It's a joy to sit and enjoy the breeze and the bird song (as in wrens, blackbirds and some very raucous hens) while doing something productive.
I have been given a blogging award by Gretel! Once I get all the info together that I need to post I will tell more...

I have to show off an addition to my stylish wardrobe! I dyed this Blue Faced Leicester yarn earlier in the year with natural dyes and the skein is in the shop. But I sent the other, very slightly lighter coloured, skein to the lovely Jess in Maryland (she lives in Geronimo Street - I love that) and she knitted me these fantastic socks based on gansey pattern. They fit perfectly and I will treasure them.


tlc illustration said...

Oooo! Look at those fabulous socks! Jealous, much!

PG said...

Yep, I am eyeing those socks, though the pattern is twisting my little pea brain into knots - but what a lovely colour!