Saturday, October 20

Rainbow's End

Been gazing rather wistfully at the talents of others online tonight - always a sucker for signs, I am pleased to have found the Keep Calm Gallery, where you can purchase the above, among other delights.

And wonder knitter Maureen has been busy stocking up for the Christmas rush at Monkey & Sofia - these penguins and crocs are lovely but check out the kangaroo and giraffe too!

Dottie is a limited edition print from Thing of Beauty - an online shop whose home is also in the Scottish Borders.

This wonderful painting which I covet is from the talented artist Sue Hoppe, also known as Arty Farty

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Suzi-k said...

hey, thanks for the punt, (((beam))). So is this the one? Let me know if it is, cos' I'm going to East London on Wednesday to set up a solo exhibition, and if so I will leave it at home. Will be in your neck of the woods in 6 month time, yay. If you are patient, we can arrange a personal delivery!