Monday, September 22

Ice Cream

I am going to tell you more about how the Art Trail went, and then about our wee break in Dumfries and Galloway, but not today.

Because today I need to broadcast about the forthcoming
On Saturday 27th from 2pm, the local village hall is transformed into
The Southdean Ice Cream Parlour
Sit down to a choice of delicious homemade ice cream dishes,
coffee and shortbread and more,
all served by those delightful men in kilts.
Yup, it's time once again to raise money for
and what better way to do it than by tucking into ice cream?

Monday, September 1

Ready, Steady, GO!

The countdown is on here - I've got work to frame, to package up, to price, Hugh's suddenly launched into painting a massive great landscape, then he has a bit of welding to do, and hopefully a nice duck or two to paint, though time is not exactly on his side by now....
The first Crossing Borders Art Trail kicks off on Friday. There's a three day opening exhibition in Hawick, a week of Open Studios and then a two day exhibition in Berwick. There's additional space on offer in Berwick but work has to be there tomorrow so we are whizzing over there first, and fitting in a visit to the Gymnasium Gallery to see a Peter Blake exhibition, then back via Kelso and Jedburgh (to display more posters). Wednesday is the last clear day to get our own 'studios' shipshape because on Thursday we'll be at Hawick helping to hang that exhibition... Friday lunchtime is the media launch there (the media had BETTER turn up!) then zoom home and await the first visitors to our humble artspace.
We're open every afternoon from 1.00 till 6.00 and there will be coffee and cake on offer, so you HAVE to come because otherwise we'll eat all the cake and that would not be a good thing...
I am feeling better about my 'stuff' as I have managed to make quite a few new things for the event, not just collages but little things too, which will make their way to The Border Tart in due course too.

The Crossing Borders website is growing - more artists are adding their info and images as they get the hang of it, and while it has a few glitches it's coming along. Drop by and see what you think.